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Short Stories Page.
I was at a loss to why the smart car was continuously blinding me. Whilst on a visit to my opticians for an eye test we struck up a conversation about this website. My optician had brought his wife a smart car and to my amazement he told me she had people flashing her regularly. An adjustment switch was found under the steering column but was not easy to find. I have since asked 7 drivers of these smart cars and not one apart from my optician and his wife new they had any height adjustment on their headlamps.
I spoke to a very nice lady from the Midlands who had brought a new X5, and after being flashed nearly 50 times in the first two days of owning her BMW she telephoned her brother as she could find no way of lowering her dipped beam and she knew she was blinding others. Luckily for her the brother had a Range Rover that had the same problem. He proceeded to tell his sister to take her new X5 back to where it was brought and get them to readjust the headlights. The BMW dealership said nothing was wrong with her headlights. I am glad to say my lady was adamant and refused to leave the showroom in her new vehicle unless her lights were cranked down. This was done very reluctantly by the BMW dealership.
This story was told to me by someone who at present wants to stay anonymous:
They went into a dealership to buy a brand new Range Rover Sport. The salesman asked the client if he had ever owned a Range Rover before and if he ever drove at night? The client asked him why he was interested.
Salesman told him the new Range Rover he was buying has the new Bixenon lights, which are 30% brighter than the old model, and when driven at night other drivers may flash him, as the new lights are very bright.
He told him not to worry, as the vehicle will pass all government tests.
I spoke to a lady that had owned a Porsche Cayenne for three years. When she drove at night she regularly was flashed by other road users but had no idea why. When it went for its MOT to the local garage it failed the Cayenne because the headlamps beams were too high. They were not a Porsche affiliated garage so she was asked to take the vehicle to Porsche to have the lights reset. The Porsche garage found no fault with the lights and was an MOT approved garage.
Had a conversation with the driver of the above Taxi in the Texaco garage next to Asda Rhoehampton 2am approx. Like most of us working at night he had been blinded many times by other road users. I asked him if he had ever used his headlamp adjustment switch. To my amazement he never knew he had such a switch. Upon checking his lights lowering his beam angle from 0 to 2 he was amazed that his lights set on 0 would definitely blind other road users. After telling me he had the R registration Taxi from new and never used his headlamp beam adjuster or even knew of its existence. I am glad to say he went away happy with his newly acquired knowledge.
I had a great conversation with a policeman about the headlamps. As we were fuelling our vehicles in the BP garage Lower Kingswood I asked him if other drivers had flashed his vehicle whilst he was driving. The policeman said yes many times. I asked him if he had used his headlamp adjustment switch, and once again to my surprise the Officer politely asked me to show him where his switch was, and how to use it. We met a few minutes later after filling our vehicles up in the shop and I certainly had got him thinking as he said to me I think many more road users would have flashed my wrongly set lights but for the fact I was driving a Police Van.
This model also seems to have a dazzling headlight problem although not many appear to be on our streets the ones I do see generally are atrocious. Once again managed to capture a driver whilst filling up with fuel. The driver of the 300C was very accommodating, showing me how the bixenon lights self-level with an ambient over glow from these powerful lights. He then showed me a manual switch that will override the automatic setting of the bixenon lights. To me this seems to defeat the object of self-levelling. I would appreciate anyone reading this that has knowledge of the 300C is this standard on all models as this one came via Germany and may have had special editions on it.
Being an AA member I called the magazine about the bixenon light problems and luck can come into chasing leads on dangerous lights. The lady I spoke to who works on the magazine happens to drive an AUDI TT and proceeded to say to me she had other drivers flashing her vehicle when driving at night. Hopefully we will be covered with a story in the AA magazine soon. I am looking for help on this one why are so many AUDI TTS dazzling their lights at other drivers?
I will not be the flavour of the month for penning this down but I spoke to an old school friend about the problem with lights on almost all vehicles. He just happened to have a new CLIO, which he purchased new about a couple of years ago. Although not driving at night a great deal, he had found many cars etc beaming/blinding him. I asked him if he had used his headlamp adjustment switch as he may be doing to others as is being done to him. He assured me no such switch was in his CLIO, but after a little research the missing switch was found and on the high setting. I am glad to say it is now in use.
I have had a lot of trouble with these and they are constantly blinding me. There is an adjustment switch but I am not sure yet if it is on all models. When in a garage that does MOT Testing I asked about the MINI specifically as it had been a problem to me. The examiner said he could understand why the early MINI was a problem as it was very difficult to adjust the headlamp aim. Also I spoke to someone during my research that had purchased a new MINI from the dealership at Westminster and they were most insistent after purchasing their new car they have the correct headlamp setting when driving. I have not yet been able to confirm this yet but I am glad at least one dealership does care about blinding lights on our roads.

Do you feel there are now too many vehicles at night with blinding lights; maybe they are set wrong? Please email me KEN and the D.O.T. with a list of the worst offenders. They will be updated from time to time on another page.