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This is a page for all who suffer with light problems at night and will eventually benefit from the improvements in the: - Driving and MOT Test.
Have you either stopped Driving in the hours of darkness or cut down to a minimum because you find the blinding lights to difficult?
I have spoken to many drivers of which most were over the age of 45. Sadly when you reach approximately this age the muscles in your eyes slow down and are less efficient. It does not seem to matter how fit you are or how healthily you eat.
In my opinion and many of you I have questioned the proposed changes to the Driving and MOT Test. Which means that Drivers know how to use their Headlamp height adjustment switch and the Test for the Bixenon lights needs to be far less tolerant than it is at the moment.
British School of Motoring and a heavy goods driving training school do not have to educate about lights adjustment at night in my opinion this is completely ridiculous it needs to be included in the test. Ultimately this one small add on in the driving test could lead to fewer accidents save the police fire ambulance time and money and benefit the whole country.
Laser eye surgery can lead to more sensitive eyes and slightly more senior people like myself find they are more susceptible and some even avoid driving at night if we get 75% right instead of a generous 25% it will be a far safer place for those out there that really do care.
Would love to hear from you if you have had laser eye and how it affects you.
 The Sunday Times
  Matt Rudd Published: 7 October 2012

As the nights draw in, do you find it hard to drive when your retinas are being burnt out by the headlights of oncoming traffic? I drove from the Pennines to Kent the other night. Got blinded several hundred times. Squinted my way home. A miracle I didn’t end up in Devon or a ditch.

It could be my fault. I’m not getting any younger.

Maybe I need driving glasses? “You don’t need driving glasses,” says the optician. “You have excellent eyesight.” Weird. This sounds crazy, but maybe it’s the massive xenon “high-intensity discharge” headlamps? First used in luxury cars in 1999, they’re now endemic on Britain’s roads. Laser bling for the nation’s penis extensions.

“There is no evidence to suggest that these lights distract drivers,” says Paul Everitt, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. But I’m evidence, Paul. Me. Blinded me. There’s also the campaign group (see what they did there) and (see what they did there). These headlights are twice as powerful, Paul. “They have adaptive lamp-levelling technology,” he says. “They’re particularly important on poorly lit roads to enable drivers to identify hazards.”

This is the same logic as taking a 4x4 on the school run “for safety”. Those on board will be okay. Everyone else can jump out of the way. Or join the club. I’m off to buy xenon light bulbs. If everyone is blinded, it’s bound to be safer, isn’t it?
My Dubai Princess
This princess was a student that I assume was from Dubai. I never asked her age but she was studying probably at Kingston University.Her father was probably OK as he was well heeled enough to buy his princess a nice new BMW convertible with the Bi-Xenon lights. Dad had a Range Rover.My research on this student princess was extremely dazzling and blindingly helpful on my lights issue.She new that her Bi-Xenon lights were very good like stadium floodlights! But had not considered that others would find them really difficult. But what was even more interesting was she sometimes drove at night with dad following in his Range Rover and had found even with the interior rear view mirror shading some of the dazzle from dads’ car it was just an impossible situation.After going through how Jaguar/Land Rover had replied to me admitting many had complained that their lights dazzle she thanked me and said she would vote on my e petition at number 10.
Range Rovers
Some Months back Jaguar/Land Rover replied to me explaining that their vehicles pass current regulations. This I accept but it does not mean that (Range Rovers) are safe for the opposing Drivers.
The letter I received back from their Technical department admitted many vociferous complaints had come their way.
At times I am a bit boring on this subject but remember if you are following me (big blinding blogger) and my first big discovery was a Salesman sold a Range Rover to a customer and then asked the questions:-
"Have you driven with the Bi-xenon headlights" and "Do you drive much at night".
The answer was yes to both.
The reply was "Be very careful as your new lights are about 30% brighter and so good that other drivers will probably flash you". "But do not worry as your vehicle passes all Government tests".
From all my research I believe that Jaguar/Land Rover actually know that their vehicles dazzle/temporary blind (thousands) of other road users and are cheating us by using these words. (Our vehicles pass all current regulations)
In the early hours of the last day of 2009-12-31 I spoke to another willing Range Rover Driver who was staying at the Renaissance Hotel Holborn and commutes between London and Wales. Not only does he get flashed by other Drivers that dislike the glare from his Bi-xenon lights he also agreed that other Drivers are doing the same to him.
HGV Driver view [Ex Eddie Stobart]
I used a bit of down time while on holiday for research. Speaking to a Truck driver from the Manchester area who read my article in Driving magazine & listened to my CD radio show on BBC Southern Counties Radio [Gordon Astley]. He had been a trucker for some time and decided to step up and work for Eddie Stobart. From the little I know about Stobart and his philosophy of how he maintains his drivers and fleet of vehicles is much to be admired. Although he had moved on he praised Stobart as a special person in the transport business. This trucker did most of his driving at night and would regularly stop with other drivers so I took the opportunity to ask if some of the trucks had headlamp adjustment switches. His reply was even if the trucks had the switch he felt most drivers would not know they had a switch or use it regardless of the weight of freight that they might be carrying. Something I felt I knew but it was very nice to get confirmation
This is an unconvinced drivers view.
My next-door neighbours son is a qualified mechanic and also was to my knowledge a part owner in a second hand car sales forecourt. On many occasions he has said to me he is unconvinced that my lights issue would stand up for change. Remembering he liked a good car magazine I gave him a copy of Driving with the Lightmare article which he took time to read. Even after reading the article he seemed unconvinced but on a contradictory note said most drivers don’t reset their headlamp adjustment switch if they have one. A small concession but he did chip in that the vehicle he was driving at the moment was less than 3years old had clocked up over 80.000 miles been in 2 major accidents and had still not yet had to have an MOT test. As I am unconvinced that enough attention is put upon checking vehicle headlamps by dealerships it almost makes the MOT test a complete waste of time.
The Dagenham Dustbin
I wonder if there is anyone old enough to remember this name that was used for Ford cars. The driver of a Ford Focus Zetec with the Bi-Xenon headlamps is a far cry from the old Cortinas and Capri’s like Dennis Waterman had in minder.
Never the less this driver from Fulham was of out for a wee dram so fortunately for me a good subject before the alcohol
.Questioning him on his bi-xenon’s like many drivers readily admitted that a few drivers were irritated by his lights and had retaliated with a flash. Because he did not do a lot of night driving it was only a few, but as we began to get further into why I was campaigning to get the lights lowered to a level that did not dazzle others like well over 50% of people I research he was in complete agreement and so hopefully will vote when he looks at the website.
Another thing that pleased me was he referred to his parents and said that when travelling with them his dad would have the odd groan about the brightness of the bi-xenon lights but had also noticed his mum was really bothered and if they were in her face she would flash the driver coming towards her.
This is the real problem and where my E Petition comes in he had noticed the same as his mum but after flashing the other driver retaliated with main beam which was even more powerful than the lights that were showing that were on dip but appeared to be on full.
Policeman on Motorcycles
Having been a pedal cyclist and a motorcyclist I do realise how vulnerable two wheels are. Lighting at night is then much more important to the rider as it could be the difference between life and death.
Today not only do many powerful lights on vehicles dazzle/tempory blind other drivers but the same problem is also prevalent from motorcycles.
Having read an article in driving magazine on the motorcycle the Police use and how easy it should be to adjust the headlights and set them not to dazzle other road users I needed to find out from the Police direct.
I spotted two riders in Belgrave Square and proceeded to follow them waiting for my opportunity to stop them safely. Managing to get beside the straggler of the two of them whose lights in my opinion were set just a wee bit high enough to dazzle other road users my questions began to flow. This young officer was quite happy to chat with me but quickly confirmed what is happening with many new motorcycles. The headlights on these new motorcycles are so good that when drivers see them they perceive I want them to stop as my headlight appears to flash and puts the motorist of.
I knew these lights were dazzling me and others on a nightly basis but its great when an officer admits it directly. So how can we use what is a good improvement for the rider that then doesn’t then blind other road users.
Motorcyclists need to be seen and lighting on their bikes needs to be noticed. The accident rate of these motorcycles is extremely high. [For the average rider/not the Police} I believe a combination of over brightness that dazzles other drivers making it hard for that driver to see if he or she is dealing with a car with one headlamp or a motorcycle could be their own downfall.
This particular problem is going to harder to deal with than my current ongoing petition at number 10. Dazzling/blinding incidences from motorcycles is a growing concern and I believe many riders do not realise they are blinding drivers.
Having spoken to only one officer who rides a motorcycle and him giving me confirmation he has problems it appears that more thought than throwing brighter lighting at the driver/rider is not a definitive answer and needs to be looked at with more than bright lighting that is clearly detrimental to others.
Motorcycle Despatch Rider from Stoke Newington
14th Nov 2009 Drivers against daytime running lights will love this one.
Being a despatch rider must be tough especially with slow traffic, pedestrians, cyclists not obeying the Highway Code.
This chap was interested in doing the knowledge but knew it to be very hard and I personally don’t think even if he registers that he will complete it.
It was what he said that confirmed what I already knew.
Quote "To be noticed, I drive with main beam on all day".
I am seldom out daytime but have seen this too often.
The House of Commons
Security is big and understandable, but once I am inside parking under the shadow of Big Ben is powerfully impressive. Luckily for me I had time to park up and wait for my customer. Whilst chatting to two of the Police on security duty I had time to give them my flyer and get them to read the [Lightmare article in Driving Magazine]. I wont be thanked if he reads this but one of the Policeman had hired a car for the weekend and loaded it quite heavily. A new vehicle with great reflectors even if the lights are not bixenon when high beaming due to weight can be very dangerous to other road users on a country lane. As this officer was driving he was totally unaware of the pain and distress he was causing to other drivers. He had not noticed other drivers had been flashing him with their distress, it actually took a passenger in his car to say how come we are a long way from home and you know so many people along this road. I am glad to say he then openly admitted he was one of the many thousands of culprits who have caused distress to others. I am glad to say he then found his scroll headlamp adjustment switch set his lights properly and after reading my article will hopefully be more aware and not distress other drivers
Independent businessman (Chelsea Bridge Wharf)
Another big story as I did the survey on Blinding Lights the businessman above had had a number of problems with the lights as his eyes were sensitive and found the lights from other vehicles were blinding him.
What was most tragic he once had a BMW with the bixenon lights and was fed up with other drivers flashing him? In fact the problem with other drivers flashing him got so bad he would retaliate by flashing them.
As our conversation went on the Penny dropped that the reason he was getting flashed was he was blinding them as his vehicle was supplied wrongly and the garages are still sending them out wrongly because the current test is inadequate.
Please tell your friends this is for us all to benefit from.